Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today in pie: Becks wants pie

British footballer and pretty boy David Beckham knows the value of a quality, local, independent pie, albeit a meat pie. Now that he plans to conquer America -- via Major League Soccer and the Los Angeles Galaxy -- Becks is on the prowl for proper pubs, pints, pies and potatoes.

During a UK documentary, "David Beckham: New Beginnings," which follows his and his Posh Spwife Victoria's move to the States, Beckham said, "Obviously, I will miss my family and my friends, but I will also miss things like English pubs - I'm sure there'll be a few Irish ones over there, so that will be close enough. I will also miss pie and mash."

We'll soon be missing our Spice Girls-free existence, now that Posh & Co. have announced they are reuniting for worldwide terror...er, tour...at the end of the year. As a concession to the planet, they have agreed to not record any new songs, but they haven't yet promised they won't make a sequel to Spice World.

We asked for pies, not pop tarts.

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